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About Xtar UK

Founded in 2006 Xtar are now the market leaders for charging bays and related products. This is due to build quality, charging technology and the future product development team at Xtar HQ in China.

In April 2017 Xtar UK was formed to service UK vendors with rapid access to the Xtar product range and UK customer support for product knowledge and returns.

May 2017 an exclusive distribution agreement was signed by both Xtar HQ and Xtar UK to revolutionise the way Xtar products are imported into the UK. Xtar now has two dedicated warehouse units in the UK to cope with product demand to enable a smooth transition to our service.

In June 2017 the supply chain of Xtar products coming into the UK was modified and channeled through Xtar UK Exclusively to insure customers had one point of contact for their Xtar requirements.

By opening an Xtar UK wholesale account or dealing with our sub-distributors you will gain access to the following benefits:

  • Rapid delivery of your Xtar products (Usually the next day if ordered before 2pm).
  • A personal account manager whom is dedicated to your company.
  • UK customer support during normal business hours.
  • Email support after business hours upto 8pm.
  • 2 Dedicated service centres in the UK to deal with any unlikely returns.
  • Pricing that is unbeatable even if importing from China was an option.
  • A tiered pricing structure to service even the largest of accounts.

Our team are currently in the process of setting up sub distributors in the UK and shall announce information on this shortly. This will further strengthen the service levels for Xtar requirements.

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions regarding Xtar, Xtar UK and your current requirements. We are a friendly, professional team ready to help.

Telephone contact number for Xtar UK is 0333 445 662

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